Public Speaking


At Yagoona Public School, we have adopted a school wide approach to teaching public speaking and debating skills. By implementing this approach we endeavour to have all students participate, receive feedback and improve their skills in speaking, expressing their opinion and agreeing or disagreeing with others in a respectful and informed manner. Students participate in class, stage and whole school activities to develop their speaking skills. 

Students who show an aptitude for public speaking through class and stage presentations are invited to participate in regional and state competitions.

Students from Yagoona Public School have participated in the following competitions for over  10 years with students’ achieving commendations at different stages.  

  • The Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition for Years 3 -6
  • Bankstown East Hills Public Speaking Competition for K-6

Ms. Shirley Assaad

Public Speaking and Debating Co-ordinator


 During Term 3 students prepare speeches for the Bankstown East Hills Public Speaking Competition.

These are the topics:


Why My Family is Special to Me

A Person Who is Special to Me

Fun Times

Stage 1

My Favourite Place

Fun With My Friends

My Favourite Character

Stage 2

Friends Who are Special

When I Grow Up


Stage 3

Things I can't Live Without

How I can Make a Difference



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