Welcome to our school library web page! Besides class lesson times, students may visit the library during the first half of lunch (Tuesday – Thursday) to use the computers, read books, or play quiet games. Hope to see you soon!

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New on the shelves this week:  

Some new picture books!

Some new Non-Fiction books!

Borrowing Days

Please look below to see what days your class borrows on. Remember to bring your old books to return in your library bag! (Students K-2 may borrow one book each week, Years 3&4 can borrow two, Years 5&6 may borrow up to two Fiction and 2 Non-Fiction books at a time.)



Year 1

1A: Wednesday

1BV, 1D, 1K: Thursday

Year 2

2A, 2M: Monday

2/3G: Thursday

Year 3

3C: Monday

3H: Tuesday

2/3G: Thursday

Year 4

4/5/6V: Monday

4Z: Wednesday

4M: Thursday

Year 5

4/5/6V: Monday

5R & 5T: Tuesday

Year 6

4/5/6V: Monday

6C: Tuesday

6H: Wednesday











Library lessons in Term 1, 2014

Our current topics of study include:


Australian author study - MEM FOX

Years 1 & 2

How have authors portrayed and used different shelters in books and why are shelters inportant?

Years 3 & 4

Classes will be doing on eof the following, to swap next term:

Comprehension groups - LITERACY CIRCLES, or

Computer lessons

Years 5 & 6

It's time to practise our research and presentation skills using both books and the internet! Year 5 will be studying Environments, Year 6 Antarctica.


Family borrowing

Families of Yagoona PS students can come to the library on Friday afternoons to borrow books to read at home. If any parents and carers would like to borrow, please come by so a borrowing card can be set up for you and your family.


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