School Camps


All school excursions and camps are compulsory for all students. Not only are they lots of fun to go on, excursions and camps provide valuable life experiences that are connected to the learning curriculum.

Year 4 Wooglemai Camp

Year 5 Hill End

Year 6 Milson Island

Here are some reflections written by Year 6 students who recently attended the Milson Island camp.

Impressions of Milson Island

For three days and two nights 6C, 5/6M and 6TM went on an overnight trip to Milson Island. We had so much fun attempting activities like canoeing where the majority of students capsized, the ropes course which kept your heart pumping, archery and initiatives where we had to solve challenges and try to hit the bullseye and abseiling which was an amazing experience. We had a games night which kept us all active and a disco night where we were dancing our hearts out. Milson Island was an amazing camp and I know the future Year 6s will have a great time there. Thankyou to all the teachers and helpers who made this possible.

By Catherine 6C

Milson Island

Year 6 had an amazing week at Milson Island. On the first day 6C went to the beach and did some canoeing. We participated in an activity where the boys went on one canoe and the girls went on another. The challenge was to keep the canoe from tipping over. The girls won! However we cheered so loudly we tipped over, so all of us were drenched. We had delicious food, played many enjoyable games and danced our hearts out at the disco. It was a terrific experience. Thanks to our parents and teachers for making it possible.

By Zienah 6C

Year 6 Canberra

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