Year 5


War Story

Write a short, fictional story based on the photograph.  You might want to tell the story of the photographer, a person in the photograph, or someone else caught up in the same conflict.  

I woke up and saw a stranger.  He was dark-skinned and he only wore a woven belt with something dangling from it.  This stranger picked me up from the ground helped me walk through a narrow path through a meadow.  The two of us arrived at a place with lots of other dark-skinned people.  These people tried to communicate with me but I couldn’t understand them.

 I was badly injured and hoped the rest of my unit were searching for me.  I knew that I had to find them again but I was too tired to move.  I yelled in pain but the dark-skinned people couldn’t speak to me.  These natives created a fire to keep warm and some disappeared into grass huts across from where I layed.

I fell asleep for a while but then awoke to the sound of heavy footsteps and the chatter of soldiers.

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